Shehla Rashid Is Arrest Notice

A court has guided Delhi Police to give 10-day pre-capture notice to Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement head Shehla Rashid, reserved for rebellion over her questionable tweets on Kashmir, in the event that the need emerges to capture her.

The court passed the request while discarding her expectant bail application, after the exploring official (IO) presented that the test was at an essential stage.

“Keeping in see the idea of charges and furthermore considering the entries of the IO that examination is at an essential stage, expectant bail application is discarded with bearings to the IO that if the need emerges for the capture of the blamed, she be given a ten days pre-capture see,” Additional Sessions Judge Satish Kumar Arora said.

The court on September 10 guided her to join the examination directed by Delhi Police as and when called by the IO.

The direction for Ms Rashid had said she was prepared to join the test and would coordinate with the police.

Source & Courtesy – NDTV & Othres

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