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Juvenile Law

Juvenile law is the unique body of law that relates to minors. To put it another way, juvenile law is the law that applies specifically…

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Company Registration

Private Limited Company is the most prevalent and popular type of corporate legal entity in India. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs governs private limited company…

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Civil Law

Civil law regulates the daily life of individuals, establishments, and companies. Our firm specializes in all aspects of civil law including, but not limited to,…

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Divorce Law

With the aid of years of understanding of this domain, Adv. Anup Lala provide legal aid for resolving divorce cases in the most efficient manner….

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Criminal Law

In a zest to acquire utmost approval and consent of the patrons, Adv. Anup Lala provides effective legal aid and assistance for the purpose of…

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Property Registration

Years of understanding, knowledge and experience of the property and real estate laws, has helped Adv. Anup Lala in resolving matters associated with the property…

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